How to change username on Twitter with video Tutorial | Complete setup

A Twitter account with an ugly username is so annoying. To learn how to change your username on Twitter and change it according to your choice.

We all know Twitter is the most popular social media platform on the internet. In 2022, Elon musk buys Twitter for 44 billion dollars. After that Twitter is now talking about the topic. So many new users come to create Twitter accounts nowadays. And today’s article is for all that beginners who don’t know how to change their username on Twitter.

Hello, I am Salim Mahamud from, where I share my ideas, knowledge, experience and research to solve your problem in the career technology finance and education sector. Now I am gonna tell you how to change your username on Twitter on mobile and computer both with the video tutorial.

Okay is enough as an introduction. Let’s get deep into the topic of how to change a username on Twitter.

How do I change my Twitter username on PC?

To change your username to Twitter you must have in login first on to your Twitter account. See if you don’t have a Twitter account and want to know how to create a Twitter account then you can check out this article.

Okay after login into your account, first of all, you need to click on the home page. Now click the left side button on the top of the page. Here you will see so many options from there you need to find out “setting and privacy” option, and click on it.

Now you will redirect to a new page with new options. Now click the first option which calls “your account

After getting into your account you will see the first option is called “account information” again clicking that option you will reach your final destination where you can change your username.

During this period you need to verify your identity “is it your account?” Or not. That’s why you have to submit your Twitter account password.

After that, you will get a box where you can change your Twitter username according to your choice.

Note: you must use a valid and not existing name as a username. Didn’t get it? No problem, I will also talk about it in the next headline keep reading.

How to change your Twitter username on Mobile

Don’t you have any desktop or laptop? Don’t worry you can do it on your mobile phone. Now I am gonna tell you how to change your Twitter username on mobile.

To do this with mobile you need to open “Chrome browser” from your phone. Now click on the desktop version. And open Twitter. Now follow the same instruction as I say at the time of “how to change username on Twitter on PC

There is no restriction on the PC version and mobile version on Twitter that’s why the way to change username on Twitter is the same.

But for a better understanding, I will highlight to you again what to do to change the Twitter username.

1. Sign in on Twitter
2. Click on the menu option
3. Check out settings and privacy
4. Go on your account
5. Click on account information
6. Submit your Twitter account password
7. Change the the the username and click save

If you don’t get yet how to change your username on Twitter then watch this video for a better understanding.

Where can I find my Twitter username?

Usernames are usually under the name and are also included in the URL of the account such as (www. twitter. com/ username ) username always unique us name, with a username anyone can find your profile easily.

How many times can you change your Twitter username?

There is no restriction to using a username on Twitter. Can customers you can change so many times whatever you want. You must follow the rules to use a username.

Should I use my real name on Twitter?

Of course, you should use your real name on Twitter. Because it bears your identity. If someone wants to find you then he/she needs your username or search for your username on Twitter.

Remember it is possible to exist a profile which matches your name but your username is only one. No one can match your username same to the same.

What is the meaning of a username already exists?

When you are trying to change or submit your username on Twitter probably you will show that your username already exists. It’s happened because before you someone else uses the same name as a username. As usernames can’t be used the same in a twist that’s why you can’t use them anymore. But no problem I have a solution to this problem also. Check out the next heading.

What do I do if my username is taken?

Whenever I am going to set my profile username I have seen that my username is not accurately adjusted that’s why I can not use [@salimspeaking] as a username. In this situation, I come to know that I can set a username with letters, numbers, and underscores. So using that three options I avenged my username as [@salim_speaking] by the way you can check out my profile on Twitter just follow this link 👉🔗

See just using an underscore makes my username unique so whenever you saw your username is already taken then you can add some number or some underscore to make it unique.

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