How to activate windows 10 for free । without product key। for Permanently

Want to know the way to activate windows 10 for free without product key and also permanently? Then this article is for you. Here i will give you proper guideline to activate your windows. let’s get started.

What is windows?

windows is a operating system of computer by Microsoft which is the most common and most famous and popular operating system in all over the world. windows is one of top ten highest used operating system but there is another version of operating system in name windows mobile which is specially made for phones and it is very good operating system too. if you do not yet know what is windows then continue reading this article and get to know all about this.

What is windows 10

windows 10 is version of windows and it is the latest version of windows released by Microsoft. this version of windows released in may 2017. This Windows 10 is developed to provide you a new experience, more modern and advanced.

windows 10 comes with features like personal assistant, virtual assistant, Cortana, camera, file explorer, new universal clipboard, clipboard sync. It allows you to browse the web and apps in a different way.

Is windows 10 is free of cost?

For now it’s FREE, but with that being said you should understand some of the limitations of the free version. The following limitations are there for a motive:

  • Apps not available
  • No custom ringtones available
  • Themes not available

Apps should have been available for Windows 10 since the beginning and the limitations were put in place over a week after the release of Windows 10.

But the cost of windows 10 is not zero, but with Windows 8.1 you can upgrade to a free product, for example the trial version of Windows 10.

But again, these are not free. In fact, if you want any kind of software, you must make a payment for them. If you just want to try Windows 10, you can download it for free, but it is not an “attempt”.

In this case you must need the Key to active windows. But if you do not pay you can’t get it. that’s why today in this article i will show you how you can active windows without activation key. Let’s get started.

How to activate windows 10 without activation key

I will try make this tutorial as easy as I can. But before I started you must know that Its a malware so you must deactivated your virus checker for a while. now I will tell you the process you should follow :

Way to activate windows 10

1st Step : You have to click here for code. Now copy the code and back to your Computer Home screen.

2nd Step : Now create a Text file and paste the code here. And Save As this text file now as “windows.cmd” Here .cmd extension is very important. so don’t miss it.

3rd Step : And this time Run this CMD file as adminstrator. Your computer action will automatically start the work to active windows.

After some time you can’t show the pop-up where showing activate windows . Because your windows is now activated without any activation key.


Well, that is all about how to activate windows 10 free for lifetime. Hope this article give you a clear idea. Leave it in comment section if you have any doubt about this article. Thank you.

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